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This listing is for a high quality Giclee print of my original artwork.

It is printed on smooth, neutral-white matte archival paper. Accurate color reproduction and high-resolution output are ensured. Prints are acid-free for longer life with pigment inks. Each print measures approximately 9 x 12". Some very small size variation may occur depending on the dimensions of the original artwork.

Fine Art Print: Swim to Me My Love

  • Prints are shipped using UPS Standard shipping, and always arrive safely. However, unforeseen events do happen. If prints do not arrive within the expected time frame, and no updates are forthcoming from the tracking facilities, we are happy to arrange to either ship another print or refund the order on a case by case basis. Every effort is made to make sure that your prints arrive safely and in perfect condition! 

  • Prints are shipped within the US and internationally using UPS Standard shipping services, which generally takes 10-14 days to arrive.

    Prints within Trinidad are shipped using TTPost Courier or are delivered directly within 5 to 7 days.

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