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Commissioned Paintings

The Process


The process for commissioning paintings is a flexible and involved one. Reference photos, ideas, or any other useful material is requested. Within an agreed-upon time frame, concept sketches are provided via email. The concept sketches and notes are discussed, and when a design is approved, the actual painting starts. 

Time Frame

The time frame depends on what is needed. If the art is being commissioned for a special date, that is taken into account. Generally, a commissioned painting or drawing takes between a week to five weeks. This depends on the size, level of detail, how many edits are required, and whether digital manipulation has been requested.


The physical painting is packaged securely and shipped or delivered in person if in Trinidad. A high-resolution image is emailed as well. 


Price of artwork depends on size. A breakdown of prices and sizes is below:

8.5 x 11" 

TT$800 or USD $120

11 x 14"
TT$1200 or USD $180

12 x 18"

TT$1700 or USD $250

18 x 24"
TT$2800 or USD$400

Customs sizes can be done upon request. Please message for quotes.

Book Illustrations

Book illustration projects range from cover art commissions to providing artwork for each page of the book.

Book cover artwork generally ranges from $100-$200 USD depending on level of detail and whether text design is required.

For more extensive illustration projects, please feel free to email and start a conversation! 

Logo Artwork

With logo design, the process varies depending

on what product or service is involved.

The price generally varies from $100-$150 USD. A variety of digital formats provided.

Logo Design

Miscellaneous Projects

From tattoo designs to website banners and flyers, the commissioning process is a flexible one.

Contact me to start the conversation.

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